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Cities are tracking and creating a wealth of valuable information on property and neighborhood vitality. At OpportunitySpace , we break silos and make connections, bringing this data together to drive insights and catalyze community revitalization. Our applications are designed with simplicity in mind to distill complex information in a way that’s easy for cities to use. The result, and our mission, is more productive properties and stronger cities.

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We give cities the insights they need to make confident, data-driven decisions and take action against problem properties.

BuildingBlocks is a cloud-based web application that seamlessly integrates data from across city departments —code violations, tax delinquency, public safety calls, 311 data, utility shut-offs, and more— into a single, map-based dashboard that provides granular property details.

We overlay market-strength indicators —including income levels, vacancy rates, and home sales— to inform corrective actions and policies. Workflow tools manage internal processes and communicate progress. And our powerful analytics serve up valuable insights with a few clicks of a mouse, combining and comparing data to guide decision-making and generate compelling reports.


We help cities attract investment and catalyze redevelopment of government-owned surplus real estate.

Like Zillow, but built specifically for public sector, the Marketplace makes it easy for governments to list available properties, connect with interested parties, and communicate objectives for redevelopment.

Hundreds of thousands of users—including real estate developers, community groups, and residents—search for properties using straightforward criteria. We link properties to relevant economic development incentives to help shape and accelerate investment. And our online portal allows users to engage the government and even submit an application to purchase a property.

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