A new marketplace for under-valued land and buildings.

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What is OpportunitySpace?

OpportunitySpace is an information-rich marketplace that helps you discover and invest in untapped real estate opportunities. Our mission is to rebuild our cities by empowering public, private, and civic stakeholders. We provide dynamic tools that streamline information access and create communication channels among decision-makers.


Many under-valued assets – vacant lots, brownfields, surplus government land/buildings, etc. - are invisible to the market because the data is hard to access. We work with our government partners to put information online in a user-friendly, accessible format. These are the Opportunities.

Analytic Tools

We convert messy, raw data into actionable knowledge. Using property data and relevant information, including local market trends, land use parameters, financial information, and other inputs, we offer our users insider knowledge to target their investments.


Under-valued real estate needs love too. We build detailed profiles of legacy properties – old theaters, armories, schools – as well as less obvious places like small sliver properties, and vacant lots. OpportunitySpace guides you through the acquisition and redevelopment process. The idea is to give developers and investors of all shapes and sizes, the path to move quickly on property and achieve their project vision.